Why Urban Dhobi ?

urban dhobi- laundry in jaipur

Some of you might still be thinking why you should go with Urban Dhobi, there are a number of laundries in Jaipur then why urban dhobi or how urban dhobi is different from other laundry services in Jaipur or how our process is different from other laundry services. Today we are going to address all those concerns in our blog post.

Yes our process is entirely unique from others & we can bet on it! In our process, quality & exclusivity of wash can never be compromised. We maintain the exclusivity of your clothes right from the moment when they are picked up, after picking them from your place they reach our washing facility where we assign a basket for them which contains only your clothes, which then from that basket goes into washer as per the quantity of the clothes, then into the dryer for the drying process and then they are folded & packed into separate packets which are ready to be delivered.

In the whole process your clothes are not mixed with clothes from other customers, weather for washing or drying and that is the only reason we ask for a minimum of 3kgs in a lot so that we don’t incur any loss on washing and also be able to provide you quality wash with affordable prices. Our process eliminates the risk of missing clothes, clothes being replaced plus it has added benefits like exclusive wash.

Oh, and we are really sorry that we forgot to mention the detailed process which includes that all clothes are washed using the surf excel liquid, comfort fabric softener which is used to ensure longer life of your clothes. While packing they are sprinkled with fragrance so as to retain original smell even in moist days. All our Washers & Dryers are fully automatic machines, which means that we will never dry your clothes in open sunlight adding another factor for longer life of clothes plus you will always get clean clothes on time, weather sun is shining or it is dancing around the gods of rain.


So it was all about how Urban Dhobi treats your clothes in the process of washing & delivering clean clothes to you, and if you still think someone else out there can treat them better in the same price bracket that we are offering, then you are free to choose as there are so many laundries in Jaipur. But we know after using our services for once and learning about our process you will never opt out for any other. If you have used our services and liked them then do spread the word as there are many out there who really need this kind of service and thus save their clothes from being torn off or misplaced.