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laundry in jaipur

Laundry in Jaipur

Laundry in Jaipur, most searched keyword in Jaipur when someone needs to make an impression at the very first glance, many might have tried it and many others will need it. But then the question arises why we are writing about it? We are writing about it because the next time you will search for it, Laundry in Jaipur will return a result by the name of “urban dhobi” and as the name suggests urban dhobi is really a modern laundry in Jaipur that provides laundry services at the touch of a button with free pickup & delivery that includes a turnaround time of 24hours.


Why Urban Dhobi for laundry in Jaipur?

Urban dhobi for laundry in Jaipur because urban dhobi is all set to modernize the laundry segment with value added service and chucking out the age old problem of not getting clean clothes on the promised time slot, sometimes people even end up losing their clothes or to be worse the torn up clothes . So we at urban dhobi decided to launch a modern laundry that people of Jaipur can access from their phone with a touch of a button. You can place order via android app, sending a WhatsApp message on our number +91-72328-82888 or by just giving a call at +91-72328-82888.


Once you place the order then our representative will come to your doorstep at your preferred time slot, collect the clothes & weigh them in front of you with a hand held digital weighing machine. Then clothes will be sent to our modern laundry where they will be washed in hi-tech machines & then we will dry them in a modern dryer, please note that we dry your clothes in dryer & not in open sun thus maintaining their fabric & colour with an advantage of getting clean & dry clothes even in rain or cloudy days, which other laundry in Jaipur might not be providing but we will as we care for you & your clothes. . After your clothes are packed they are delivered to your doorstep and you can pay for the service by cash or even card by swiping it on the card machine that our delivery boys always carry.

We should also mention that clothes washed in our hi-tech machines doesn’t require ironing as they come out wrinkle free from our dryer. So next time if you hit the “laundry in Jaipur” keyword from your phone then do remember that urban dhobi is always out there to cater your need of clean clothes in every season, every climate and at your preferred time slot.


So why Urban Dhobi provides Laundry in Jaipur only ?

No there is really no need of getting disappointed if you are not from Jaipur as we have just started our operations and soon extend them to pan India. So you might have to wait but soon laundry in Pune, laundry in Hyderabad, or laundry in any part of India will give you a result that you will cheer upon. As by now even you know how much we care for your clothes for the rest you can ask from people who have used our services.


So if you want to order than you can order via Urban dhobi app or through our website , if you have any queries than you can write to us at For offers & quick update you can follow us on Facebook & Twitter too.