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No, you don’t need to worry as we will provide laundry for everyone just like we are doing now. But here we are dedicating this post to the super heroes in our lives that we continuously ignore, be it our mother, teacher, father, doctor, our driver and everyone else who plays an important role in our life. So when they already have a very busy schedule in keeping up with the always demanding life, how about if we sort out their problems, that too one load at a time!


Everyone needs clean clothes, NO not as a compulsion or a rule but to stay clean and keeping our surroundings clean. We hope you do remember the famous quote that “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body” and for a healthy body personal hygiene is an important thing and clean clothes constitute to that personal hygiene only. So if clean clothes are our everyday necessity, then shouldn’t they be cleaned by professionals? Why should you invest your important time in washing clothes when we are there with our well trained team to wash them for you? And not just the well trained team but the automated equipment’s too which takes care of not only cleaning the clothes but also ensures they are germs & bacteria free.


So, devote your time to your beautiful life and outsource your laundry to the professionals, and when you go out searching for a professional laundry in Jaipur then do remember that Urban Dhobi is out there with its well-drilled team to take care of your laundry with free pickup & delivery, which surely sounds like icing on the cake. Doesn’t it?!


Show your love to the super heroes in your lives by not letting them wash their laundry and instead convey them the benefits of getting their laundry done by a professional. Again as you go for laundry in Jaipur then go with Urban Dhobi as we assure you of quality wash & on time delivery that too with a turnaround time of 24hrs. Folks from other cities should not lose hope as soon we will come to your doorstep too and rescue your superheroes from the curse of washing their clothes.


We sincerely hope to serve you soon and save the day for our heroes.


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urban dhobi- laundry in jaipur

Some of you might still be thinking why you should go with Urban Dhobi, there are a number of laundries in Jaipur then why urban dhobi or how urban dhobi is different from other laundry services in Jaipur or how our process is different from other laundry services. Today we are going to address all those concerns in our blog post.Continue reading

laundry in jaipur

Laundry in Jaipur

Laundry in Jaipur, most searched keyword in Jaipur when someone needs to make an impression at the very first glance, many might have tried it and many others will need it. But then the question arises why we are writing about it? We are writing about it because the next time you will search for it, Laundry in Jaipur will return a result by the name of “urban dhobi” and as the name suggests urban dhobi is really a modern laundry in Jaipur that provides laundry services at the touch of a button with free pickup & delivery that includes a turnaround time of 24hours.Continue reading